The Avatar in the Hat

By MelZilla (AKA Paladia Dragon)

(Told by Iolo)

The sun did not shine
It was too wet to fight
So we sat in British's castle
All that cold cold wet night
I sat there with Smith (Actually, Smith can't sit so he was sort of squatting)
We sat there, no fear
And I said "How I wish
the Avatar was here"
To wet to go out
And to cold to slay a dragon
I said to Smith "Go to the Blue Bottle
And fill up a flagon!"
But Smith was asleep, so all I could do was
Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit!
And I did not like it, not one little bit.
And then, the door went BUMP!
Smith woke up with a jump!
We looked!
His foot stepped on the mat!
We looked and we saw him!
It was Dr. Cat!
Followed by Dupre, all drunken like that.
And he said "I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny
So let's go kill Chuckles 'cause he isn't funny!!"
"I know some games we can play"
Said Dr. Cat
"But first, have some ale!
It's 5 bucks for that.
So let's go kill that jester!"
"No thanks" I said
"Well, Lord British won't care
When Chuckles is dead!"
Then Smith and I did not know what to say
Lord British was in the Gargoyle World for the day.
But Nystul stepped in and said "No No! Make that lunatic go away!
Tell Dr. Cat you don't want to kill Chuckles today!
He should not be here. He should not be about.
He should not be in the castle when Lord British is out!"
"Don't be afraid." said the Doctor. "It will be fun.
Just look at Dupre. You'll be like him when I'm done."
I broke into a sweat
I clenched my fists in rage
"Now it's time for a game called up-up-up with a mage!"
"Put me down!" said Nystul.
"My head is a whir.
And once I get down
It's time for VAS FLAM HUR!"
"Don't cast yet. It's time to get drunk!"
Smith rolled his eyes.
I yelled "You Punk!!"
"But that is not all, not all I say.
Now I will prove to you that I am worthy to stay.
A quick game of Nim we will play.
And the loser will have to go away."
"Uh uh" said Nystul
"Iolo, get the Avatar,
When it comes to Nim he is a star!"
Just then he walked in
And said "What's Finn doing here?"
I said that it was Dr. Cat
But the Avatar responded, "He's WAY too fat!"
"Who are you really?" I asked, while Dupre barfed in a bin.
"I'm Lord British, or my I'm not Finn!"
Just then the real L.B. came inside
Finn asked him "How do you do?"
And Mr. Nose said "You should be in the jail in Yew!"
As the guards dragged Finn with a "Let's go, Mack."
Finn shouted to us, "I'll be baaacccckkkk............"


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