Avatar's Journey

by Frostreaver Dragon aka Keith O' Brien

The Avatar stepped through the Black Gate. In doing so a blinding flash of light, searing his eyes, suddenly tore though the Black Gate cracking the pentagram and causing the Apheilion to grow with etheral light. The Avatar was plunged into darkness, darkness totally absent of light. Whispers creeped through his mind as the majestic Titans’ powers coursed through his very veins.

Stratos: Why Avatar? Why did thee cause the destruction of Pagan, when thy unsurpassed healing powers could have saved the lives of MILLIONS? Why...........? [Stratos’ voices fades as the roar of flames fill the Avatar’s ears]

Pyros: Ahhhh.... so you are an AVATAR? Hahaha.....why did I not see it?! I killed our Avatar when he tried to bind me to that blasted blackrock. Ahh his screams filled me with such satisfaction all those years....

Hydros: Foolish MORTAL!! You bastard child of the undead!

Lithos: Hey watch it!

Narrator: What that’s not right, DON’T INTERRUPT your next ANYWAY!

Hydros: * It’s not your turn. Watch out or the author will give you the part of a pot plant! * You bastard child of the undead! The world of Pagan was yours, you commanded ALL had you not decided to condemn the people to a long and torturous death......[Hydros’ voice grows weak and fades as Lithos bellows...]

Lithos: NEVER!!! I shall not give my power to an impudent MORTAL! One who has through treachery and defilement has betrayed all I gave him!! One who I saw as the greatest necromancer, who’s power would only be surpassed by MMEE...........

Avatar: Lithos. Your power is mine and more. For thee did live in the Etheral plane, but could thee use it? ARE THEE THE TITAN OF THE ETHER? No. You weren’t. But I am. Great as thou were could thee have best me now?

A red light cast its glow into the infinite darkness. Gently the Avatar turned toward it seeking its source. Suddenly a red moongate snapped into existence. Without knowledge of moving the Avatar appeared next to the moongate. A shadow flit past on its surface.

Avatar: Could it be? Home?.....Earth?

Behind him another red moongate swirled into view. This one was blackened around the edge. The Avatar saw within a serpent coiled on a banner.

Avatar: Britannia? No.... not now, surely, after all this?! I watched my friends die before my eyes and in my arms, I traversed the Underworld and endured being torn apart bit by bit by EVERY BASTARD SPAWN OF THE GUARDIAN. And this is my REWARD???

Mocking laughter of the Titans’ surrounded him spiralling into demented shrieks. “Do you fear Avatar?” they chorused.

Gentle laughter of children playing softly traversed the boundaries of space and time, through the moongate of his home, and caressed the Avatar’s ears.

Avatar: Ahhh no more! That gentle beauty that is innocence sounds like the screeches of the sword on shield. Oh children how can I behold such innocence when my hands are sheathed in the blood of countless.

With tears coursing down his cheeks the Avatar flung himself through the moongate.

He landed on his knees and his hands clenched the earth. As he opened his eyes glistening drops of fire cascaded down his cheeks darkening the earth he clung to. After a while he released the crumbling earth. He gets up and realised that he had been there for uncounted hours. Stretching out his hand he incanted “Vas Lor”. A bright glow stretched out from his hand and rose above his head.

Avatar: Waaahh....?

Strange armour covered him from head to boot, all lustrous with a pale etheral glow. Links of strange material covered him down his neck, along his arms and wrists, down his chest over-lapping the gold gilded belt. Networked with silver into geometric patterns with a pouch at either end and a serpentine buckle. * This belt, * he thought * was made only for me surely, this is perfect, it fits better than any in either of mine worlds. * He gently removed his gauntlets and ran his hands along the fabric of his trousers, slowly tracing the gold weave. He rubbed the tabard on his chest.

Avatar: I guess such splendour is proper for the Titan of the Ether though...... white was never my colour.

Suddenly a voice of pure melody resounded in his head. Vast power like the Guardians yet different, soothing, wiser, ....virtuous. The voice vibrated inside his head softly saying.......

Unknown: * Avatar now is not your time to be here. Why did you choose Britannia? I gave you your wish. You could go home. *

Avatar: This is my home Voice, no longer can I go to Earth....... I have my duty. So twas thee you opened that portal? Why did thee torment me so then? More to the point...... What foul, putrid demon of the underworld ARE THEE? But it seems that I seem to know thee from someplace methinks!

Tinkling laughter like the babbling of a brook soothed the Avatar’s mind and washed away all thoughts of war and death.

Voice: * Ahhhh Avatar. Dear Avatar. Well do you know me but know not mine name. Or perhaps you do, I have many. *

Turning about as he spoke the Avatar cast his eyes downward and then by the bright glow of the day spell realised where he was. He stood at the verge of the summit of a mountain. Beyond he got a glimpse of a small mountain range and strange rock formations. Yet that did not trouble him, more twas the absence of Britannia's twin moons, Trammel and Felucca that caused him to start.

Avatar: Voice, I have traversed nigh on every inch of Britannia, climbed up every mountain peak and viewed the moons from all, and walked through the bowels of the very land, yet never have I seen any of this, moreover I know with certainty that the moons are visible all over Britannia, pray tell where am I?

Voice: * The one place upon Britannia not even you have not been. This was once sea. But at the removal of the Codex the very land itself heaved in ire. Barren and inhospitable, only once did life attempt it here... the Gargoyle People. But they have dwindled, and the people not know why. Look there Avatar and be the one to understand. *

The Avatar turned and in doing so something caught his eye. A pathway of braziers led into a carved niche in the mountain. The light cast from those braziers cast a light so bright it was day. The Avatar stared in surprise wondering how he missed it before.

Voice: * That is because you were blinded by your monumental hate and sorrow. I’m surprised you aren’t still on the ground! *

Avatar: Hmm I smell smoke,... but surely plentiful as the torches are their smoke cannot reach up to this peak?

Voice: * Yes Avatar. Let me show you. Close your eyes, please. I shall show you the future of Britannia, 100 years from now. Or a month on Earth *

Avatar: WHY? [years of double crossings and enemies flashed before him]

Voice: * Does a mage ever reveal his secrets? *

The Avatar warily closed his eyes and then, untrustingly, seconds later decided to open them.

Avatar: Whaaatt? WHAT TRICKERY IS THIS??

The sight that the Avatar say was completly different. The sun was just beginning set and the mountains where illuminated by the final rays of sunshine. The sky was still dark but not by cause of night. The sky was blackened by the thousands of vultures’ wings which covered the sky, a miasma of evil and omen of death. But most vile of all was carved into the side of the mountain in the niche, before hidden by the moonless night, the hideous face of that warped, soulless creature that men mistakenly dubbed, Guardian. And within his empty eyes twin fires burned brightly.

Voice: [mutters sarcastically] * Where did your Virtues of Honour and Honesty go? I’m afraid Avatar that now my visit is over......and so is yours. *

Avatar: Visit? Mine presence here is not a VISIT, I choose to come here!!

Voice: Do you really believe that Avatar, you didn’t choose in your heart. I could hear your cries from across the 5 planes of the Ether!

Avatar: What.. no!! I must stop this vile work and rid Britannia of the Guardian once and for all. I shall gather up the Companions and we shall ride to TRIUMPH! And we shall turn that insult to the land into a pile of rubble!

Voice: * NO AVATAR![the Avatar fell on the ground clutching his head as fire lanced through his mind] You are not ready. If the Guardian has the power to block out Britannia’s moons what will he do to you? You have no moongates, ships, rune-stones NOTHING to help you get off or to this island. Also, the Guardian has untold numbers of evil beings at his back. No, I should not have shown you, you aren’t ready for your destiny. Lets go Avatar.*

Avatar: [faltering slightly] My, my... destiny? My DESTINY is to protect Britannia!! And I will not be stopped by a two-bit charlatan who somehow has the power to speak to me in my mind!


The Avatar snarled and tried to slide down the summit. Before he slid a foot 4 bolts of lighting hit him in a blinding flash, and covered him in a black glow. The Avatar became translucent and with a cry cursed the voice with every stablehand’s coarse oath that came to mind before vanishing in a flash of blood-red sparks.

[Soon a voice cried out from on high, “SANCT LOR” and a man garbed in plain clothes and woollen vest appeared into view. Sitting down heavily on the ground the man moaned despairingly...]

Man: Why in the name of the underworld do those Avatars have to be so fucking difficult? Now I have to erase his memory of coming back to Britannia, hopefully, with any luck, he’ll think he was brought home after Pagan. I probably should let him have his armour......, Nah, that armour will be waiting for him when he comes back.

[The mysterious figure slowly got up and dusted off his pants, and with one final look at the monsterous head he sighed dejectedly and intoned “ORT POR”]

To be continued very soon..... 

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