Climax of Pagan

by Orm Embar aka Patrick Howell

Apprehension, worry, anxiety, nervousness.

The Avatar stood on the platform, the newly formed Black Gate, swirling with arcane images.

He clutched his sword-coated with stained blood-in his hand. He knew power, greater than that of Hydros, Pyros, Lithos or Stratos: for he held all that power, and the powers of Ether. He was the Ether Titan, the Arch-Titan. But yet, these powers were insignificant next to those of Courage, Love, Truth, and their composite parts: Valor, Justice, Spirituality, Compassion, Honor, Honesty, Humility and Sacrifice. But those did not grant power of the sort needed to best and overthrow the Guardian. The Guardian. The

Avatar hated him-it?

That was unimportant. Hatred was not a Virtue.

Upon the threshold of destiny, the paragon of Virtue, Champion of Light, Grand Heriophant and Hero of Britannia hesitated.

Then he strode forward.

He was torn into minute pieces, his mind guiding his spirit and it's corporeal body.

He had never been here before, yet he knew what to do.

The Nexus of Worlds. It beckoned him. His mind touched upon it, and he was there.

His body, once more corporeal. He turned and walked into the great portal, his mind once more directing him to his destination.


Surges of power.

Flash of light.

Power overwhelming.

A last crackle of thunder.

The Avatar stood, resplendent in the garb of the Ether Titan, upon the high mountains of Britannia. Yet, his sight and his heart told him the worst:

The Guardian had taken it.

Britannia, under the Guardian's rule, for eternity?

As the saying went on earth:

"Fuck you, Guardian!"

The shrieking laughter in his mind once more...............

The Avatar turned to the horizon.

"Lord British! My liege! I have come once more in a time of great evil!"


"For I am the Avatar!"

Well, that bit was assumption. Let's pray that Ascension turns out to be worth the wait. I did this mostly cause most fanfics start with "Between Ultima Underworld 2 and Serpent Isle. You know. Don't get me wrong, I didn't like Pagan...

PS I'll finish this as soon as Ascension comes out. If ever.

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