Dead Ends

by Ovo

The noble Avatar, Alex, Incarnation of the Eight Virtues of Britannia, eternal striver for a Perfection that was infinitely incomplete – for one could never stand complete while upholding Eight conflicting Virtues; it just wasn’t done – cursed loudly and in a very un-Avatarly fashion.

"Is it another dragon?" asked her brave companion Dupre from the ladder above. It was important to know, for it impacted what poor sod... brave adventurer, got to follow her down next.

"No! It’s another f…" Alex paused, and counted to ten. Very calmly, she called to the troupe above. "It’s another dead end!"

She moved to climb up, and paused at a glint of movement. It was herself, she found, reflected in the mirror on the far wall. And behind her reflection was Lord British, Sovereign of Britannia and man missing in action. The girl’s jaw dropped, and she removed her helmet, approaching the mirror to better see.

"Uh, guys? I think I was wrong abou-"


The world seemed to spin, and was suddenly inverted. Disoriented, the Avatar glanced about worriedly, finding herself face to face with… oh.

"Milord!" She clumsily dropped to one knee.

"Well met, Alex!" Lord British commended. The girl beamed, finally getting into this hero thing. There was a clatter of armor and magic as the Companions made it to her side, and she stood, triumphant. It was the end of their adventure – we’ve finally saved Britannia!

"Didst thou bring my box?"


"The sandlewood box, from the secret passage in my chamber," Lord British clarified cautiously, "Didst thou bring it?"


"I see...

"Well, then, pull up a chair. We shall be here a while."

"What? What do you mean? There’s the..." she trailed off, as the hole in the ceiling – and more importantly, the ladder – weren’t there anymore. She turned to face the mirror, "and the...?"

In its reflection was the ladder, and the room in bright, normal colors. In a panic, she cast a spell, Uus Por, and reappeared... in the midst of her friends. As the gravity of the situation began to sink in, it seemed to her that there was only one thing left to do.

"Damn you, Blackthorn, you scumsucking pile of…!"

the end

Working Title: Dead Ends

Inspiration: Wondering what would happen if I didn't have the sandlewood box. And then trying to find out.

Noteworthy: Alex doesn't quite understand the Avatar thing.

Disambiguation: Not exactly to be taken seriously.

Derivative work of material © Origin and Richard Garriott.

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