By Aaron Wellington ( nom de plume )

Erik looked over into the darkness . He , Justin and Joshua , Daniel and Marc , Bobby and Jason and Steven were merely playing Ultima Underworld , when the lightning hit the electricity lines . Then they found themselves as a group of prisoners onboard Baron Almric's prisoner vessel . They were dumped into the Stygian Abyss and left for dead . They each recieved a bag with a torch and map , bread , a fish , an apple and a razor sharp dagger .

" I hope we won't have to use these , " Bobby said . They were dressed in light brown prisoner's uniforms . They had their actual clothes thrown overboard . They walked down the steps , when Jason saw the writing on the wall .

" Guys , come here ! " Jason yelled , " We battered the door with all our strength , but it gave not an inch . We have condemned ourselves to die in this hellish pit . "

The eight teenagers looked wide eyed and frightened . " Well , thats it . We're gonna die . " Erik whipped around at Jason . " We will die if we don't do anything . Now lets light our torches . " There were many candles in tiny basins on the walls . They layed the tips of their torches carefully on the candles , catching them aflame .

" There's definitely a way out of this hole , " Steven said , " lets move through the tunnels for a little while and get whatever provisions that we can . Maybe along the lines of better weapons , more food and some armor . "

" Sounds like a plan , Steve , lets move , " Bobby said with a sense of pride and leadership in his voice .

They rushed down the main hall . They came to a door that had been spattered with blood long ago . They drew their daggers and kicked the door open . A massive tan rat jumped at them . It knocked Jason down . They joined in on stabbing at it . Erik shoved his dagger into the back of it's head . Justin and Josh cleaved it into pieces .

" That ugly bastard was as big as a dog ! " Jason got up . He was just dirty , but not wounded .

" Lets take a look , " said Bobby . They walked into the room . It must have been a prison cell of some kind . There were fifteen skeletons chained up on the wall . They had meager possesions . They gathered weapons and the few pieces of armor . Only helmets and boots , both made of leather .

Bobby looked at the skeletons . One had quite wide hips , and a tiny skeleton inside of the hips .

" That woman was probably raped by some bastard a long time ago , " Marc said . He walked over to the skeleton . There were still pieces of rotting flesh on both skeletons .

" Actually , not to long ago at all . "

They ran out of the room with their new possesions , too frightened to turn back .

The next morning , they had recovered runes from what looked like a run-down shack that looked like it once housed mages , plenty of matches and candles , and a few hand axes and cudgels . They had even found bedrolls to sleep on .

" We need to recover some food , or we're dead , " Justin warned .

" I know , but first we have to figure out where we are , what we need to survive , and if there are still any people here alive . "

They each lied down to study their map . They had no idea that their actions would forever be inmprinted on the universe .

To be continued ... 

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