Loose Strings

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ME! (TheAvatar)

humor and additions by:

Lumina Dragon (Kenneth Edward Whitten)

[It is the end of the Serpent Isle; the Avatar has disappeared into the Void, and his Companions remain behind in the Shrine of Balance on Serpent's Isle. How will they get home? And who will feed them now that the Avatar is gone? Let's find out...]

Shamino: So, we're stuck here.

Iolo: Yup.

Shamino: How do we get back?

Iolo: I don't know...through the Serpent Pillars maybe?

Shamino: Dolt! Thats up in the air!

Iolo: Oh. Guess we're stuck then.

Gwenno: You _COULD_ make a balloon?

Iolo: Huh?

Shamino: What's that?

Gwenno: A _balloon_, remember? You used one in Ultima6 [sheesh] I remember, and I wasn't even ON that quest...

Iolo: I don't know...it was the Avatar who made it...

Shamino: Yeah....but it was me who had to lug it around...

Iolo: So, what do we need to make one of these bellows?

Gwenno: Balloon, sweetie.

Shamino: Ummmm....a big bag...a basket

Gwenno: Some rope...

Shamino: a small cauldron...

Iolo: Some food...

Shamino and Gwenno: What? Food?

Iolo: I'm hungry! Feed me!

[the required materials -and Iolo's lunch- appear magically in front of the heroes]

Shamino: Wow! Hack mover!

Gwenno: Well, let's get started....

Iolo: But I'm not done eating!

Gwenno: Fine. Finish your lunch. But when we are back in Britannia while *thou* art still sitting here eating, don't blame us.

Iolo: Oh, all right.... [grumbles about his hunger]

Shamino: Does anyone know how to put this thing together?

Gwenno: Aren't there any instructions? Shamino [looking at the pamphlet] YEah, but they're in Gargoylese

Iolo: No, I think that thou art holding them upside-down.

Shamino: Nonsense! I am not that stupid!

Gwenno: Shamino, they ARE upside-down. Shamino (actually looking at the instructions): Oh, sorry. [mutters something bout how he never points out when THEY make dumb mistakes]

[the heroes try to put the ballon together]

Shamino: No no no! The basket goes on top!

Gwenno: [stuffs the silk-bag into the cauldron]

Shamino: Good good....now I remember that we lit a fire in that cauldron...

[the silk bag burns quite nicely]

Gwenno: Now what?

Shamino: Well...after the fire was lit, we went up...

Iolo: [eating]

Gwenno: [watching the bag burn to embers] We're not mooo-ving!

Shamino: I remember this was a lot easier when the Avatar did it...

Iolo: Are we there yet?

---- Later: Our heroes are on their 17th attempt to make a balloon, and Iolo is on his 24th lunch....

Shamino: There! We did it!

Iolo: About time....

Shamino: Well, if thou didst not use the instructions to start a cookfire, we might have been done a lot sooner.

Gwenno: Um, maybe we should be going...

Iolo: That was NOT a cookfire! I was using it to light the cauldron for the balloon!

Shamino: Then why did I see thee roasting a ham over it? Hmm?

Iolo: That was not until *after* the attempt failed.

Gwenno: QUIT THY BICKERING!!! ...... That's better. Now, I believe we were trying to get out of here.

Shamino: Oh. Umm, yes, but how do we get IN the thing?

Iolo: We are *obviously* supposed to get in the basket. Dost thou not see?

Shamino: Well, exCUSE me!

[ The party gets in the balloon. ]

Iolo: Umm, can I have one more snack? Shamino & Gwenno: NO!!

Iolo: Just thought I'd ask...

[ They light the balloon, and they lift off... Not all that long after, they come across a slight problem....] THUD

Iolo: What was that "thud" sound? Shamino (looking outside the balloon): Umm... we hit the ceiling of the Shrine.

Gwenno: Ai yai yai.... alright, let's land.

[They land.]

Gwenno: Alright, who's got the spare Jawbone...

Shamino: Me.... why?

Gwenno: We're gonna have to take this outside, then fly it to the Gate.

Shamino: You mean I have to carry *THAT*?!?!? No way! I carried the Balloon in U6. I *WILL NOT* carry it again!

[ An argument ensues over who will carry the balloon. Will our heroes EVER make it home? Will they ever stop arguing? And will Iolo *EVER* have enough to eat? Stay tuned... ]

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