The Meeting of Two Worlds

Chlorthos Dragon aka Steve McCrary


Corvus had been watching the shard for a few moments now, partly making sure none of it was a trap, and partly watching in grand amazement. The thing swirled all over with different colors and light. The Druid, on a whim, picked up the shard, its glass touching his fingers. Immediately, the shard brightened with blinding rays, illuminating the dark room with piercing whiteness. A rumble occured on the ground, then.. nothing. The shard grew black. Though Corvus had not witnessed anything, he knew something had happened. Another world was coming. Corvus suspected that the Avatar and Lord British would, however, aid Britannia if the world coming was an evil one. He decided to pay no mind to it if it did not involve him.

It was dawn. As the bleak sunlight filtered through the stain-glass windows, Lord British walked from his bedroom into his throne room. He sat down into his chair for a few minutes, then furrowed his brow with thought. He seemed to remember dreaming last night; he couldn't be totally sure, but he remembered an etheric disturbance. Yes... yes, now he fully remembered. A shard... a shard of Mondain's gem had been touched by a Druid. The vision he had seen showed the Druid from Minoc; Corvus, he believed his name was. He had touched the shard.. what then? He could not remember. There was a rumbling, he remembered that, then... nothing. With a determined face, he decided to send for Kinson, the Avatar. He picked up his orb of the moons, and held it up to the great hall before him.

A moongate appeared. He leaved it be for a few seconds, leaving the Avatar time to come through. After a few moments, though, he did not come. Instead, a stranger stepped from the red gate, a stranger holding an even more strange sword. The man looked around at the beautiful and large great hall of Lord British, and returned his sword to its sheath.

"What sorcery is this?" He looked down to British. "Where's Merlin?"

British stared at the man. He was blonde, with a hardened complexion and a regal beard. Silence ruled. The man pulled his sword out and held it to British. "I ask again, and more vehemently, where is my adviser?"

"I know nothing of a 'Merlin'. I am Lord British, sovreign and ruler of all Britannia, the land which you are at now."

The man sighed gruffly, then returned the sword again to its scabbard. "I knew something had happened to him after the confrontation with Lancelot..." the already low voice trailed away.

British's eyes opened widely. "You--" He gasped for air. "You're---"

"--King Arthur.... King of all Great Britain." The man finished his sentance.

Lord British stood. "I know all about you. I am from your world, but this..." he raised his hands in a showing gesture, "...this is my world. This is my land. Now everything, though, becomes connected." British smiled as he put the pieces together.

"Of what are you speaking? I must get back to Camelot. Do you know of anyone who can help me?"

"I am sorry, but as of late, my orb of the moons has been malfunctioning. If it were better I wouldst surely cast a moongate to take you back to your homeland, but-- oh, yes. I could not be able to get you back to Camelot, Arthur, for I exist in my world far into the future, from your perspective. I had a vision last night. A druid from Minoc, a town near here, touched a shard of Mondain's gem, but, oh, I must tell you the entire story."

British related to Arthur the tale of how Sosaria ruled many decades before, and how the Avatar destroyed Mondain and shattered his gem, the shards being thrown across time and space, and of how the Avatar disposed also of the enchantress Minax and the hellspawn Exodus. He also told of the Codex of Infinite Wisdom and the Stygian abyss, and of the Shadowlords, Lord Blackthorn, and all other events that had happened before the Avatar had gone missing for 200 years. On hindsight, British realized that he missed his old friend dearly.

Arthur nodded his head after all of this. "Merlin must be here, somewhere. Wouldst thou call on this 'Avatar' you speak of, and get him to help me, please? His knowledge of the land would be indespensable." British nodded. "I shall try, but I doubt the orb shall work." He revealed his orb again, and pointed it down the great hall. Another moongate appeared, but something strange happened. A rumble occured, and the moongate abruptly closed with a flash of white light. Nothing happened for a few moments, then yet another, a distorted dark blue one opened. Kinson protruded from the gate.

British stood, and greeted his old friend. Kinson embraced his sovreign, then looked to Arthur. "Who art thou?"

Arthur stood up and announced again, "I am King Arthur, ruler of Great Britain. I suspect thou art the Avatar. Lord British hath told me of your exploits. You seem to be one that could hold Excalibur, if the chance was needed."

Kinson gasped. He looked with wide eyes to Lord British, and immediately bowed before Arthur. "I have heard and read of your exploits, milord." He looked at Excalibur. "Might I make a request?"

Arthur nodded. "Of course, Avatar."

"Might I hold Excalibur?"

Arthur pulled the sword from its scabbard. "Here."

Kinson took the sword in his hand, feeling the power of it. He then bowed his head, thinking again of the blackrock sword. He had enough. He was the Avatar.

Arthur yet again returned the sword to its sheath, and said, "well, Kinson, I believe we are long overdue for the department for our new quest."

"And what quest would that be?"

Arthur smiled. "Bringing me back to Camelot."


Hope you enjoyed that, so far. The next chapter will have Nystul meet Merlin the Wizard, and Shamino meeting Sir Gawain. Lancelot will appear later. SO, if I have enough feedback about this, and if you want it written faster, E-mail me at! Encouragement helps! So long!

-Chlorthos Dragon 

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