Passing of Lord British

By Shamino (aka Odorous Rex)


For weeks after the Ascension of the Avatar, Lord British's health had steadily been declining. The final confrontation with Blackthorn in the depths of the Abyss had scarred him deeply, as well as the loss of our dear friend the Avatar. He had been recalling fond stories of his youth in the world known as Earth, where both he and the Avatar are said to have come from. He would talk about the verdant valleys and green forests of his native Britain, for which our kingdom was named. Then late one night while I was camping near Britain, Sentri rode up and awakened me.

"Sir Shamino, Lord British has magically sealed himself with in throne room and he is not answering our hails. Please come with me, we need your help."

We proceeded immediately to the Castle where it took all my strength and concentration to dispel the wards placed upon the entrance to the throne room. Upon entering we witnessed a silver moongate, such as have not been seen since Minax's time, standing brightly before the throne. Before the moongate collapsed from the release of magical energy needed to dispel the wards, we both witnessed a young yet strangely familiar boy on the other side of the moongate playing knights & dragons with a stick for a sword. The moongate then collapsed. I then fell exhausted to the floor. Sentri stepped over to the spot where the moongate had once stood, and all that remained there was a small silver serpent amulet - the one I knew that Lord British had always kept close to his heart.

He has not been seen since.

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