Star Trek: The Next Generation: Ultima World

by Robert McQuistion

The Starship Enterprise-D went to an unknown star system.

Data: "I am detecting a M-class planet in this star system."

Picard: "Life-form?"

Data: "Checking for life form."

Data: "Possibly."

Picard: "How long until we will get there?"

Data: "At this warp speed, it will get 2 hours."

2 hours later.

They arrived the planet.

Data: "I am detecting strange responds from the planet. It seems that they have a lot of energy from two moons to the planet."

Picard: "Can you find out what kind of energy that is?"

Data scans for the energy.

Data: "It shows that the energy is similar to our own transporter, but it is unclear."

Picard: "Number One, send away-team to the planet."

Before Riker prepares the away-team, the blue moonstone appears on the bridge.

Picard: "What is that thing doing here?"

Riker: "Q! Must be work of Q!"

But they got no respond from Q.

Everyone looked at the blue moonstone.

Riker: "I'll examine--"

Something pulls Riker into it.

Riker got into Lord British's room. Riker got up and stood in front of him.

Lord British: "What took you so long, Avatar?!"

Riker: "Avatar? I am NOT Avatar!"

Lord British: "How DARE you tell me like that?! I am Lord British of Britannia!"

Riker: "S...Sorry."

Lord British: "Now, Shamino, Dupre and Iolo shall join you on your quest to save Britannia."

Riker suddenly remembered the program he runs in Holograph. It's the Ultima game!

Riker thought "This must be Holographed on this planet. NONE of this is real!"

Riker: "Computer end program!"

Nothing happened.

Riker: "Computer exit program!"

Again, nothing happened.

Riker hits the badge and said "Riker to Enterprise."

No respond.

Lord British: "Are you allright, Avatar?"

Riker: "Uhh....Yes, I am fine."

Lord British: "Now your mission is to destroy the gargoyles before they destroy me and the castle. Go now!"

Riker thought "Maybe this is only the way to get out of here!"

Riker and Shamino, Dupre and Iolo went out of castle and fought the gargoyles and Riker won.

The gargoyles are now dead and Lord British rewarded them with 500,000,000 gold.

Riker hits the badge again and said "Riker to Enterprise."

Still no respond.

Dupre then gave Riker the moon orb.

Riker looked at it.

Dupre: "Do you remember how to use it? Just put it on the ground and the blue moonstone will appear."

Riker: "It was YOU! You did send the blue moonstone to our starship!"

Dupre: "A what?"

Riker: "STARSHIP!"

Dupre: "What is Starship?"

Riker: "An object that travels in space!"

Dupre: "Travel in space? HA! HA! HA! You sure do have sense of humor!"

Riker thought "Maybe he didn't have to do with this, maybe it was gargoyles."

Dupre: "Now, Avatar get in before it disappears!"

Riker: "Right."

Riker got in and back into his Starship, Enterprise.

Picard: "Are you allright?"

Riker: "Yes. The planet is safe now, the energy we detected earlier is a moonstoon that travels to other places. The culture down there seems to be similar to medieval times on Earth."

Picard: "Hmm... Glad have you back. Take us out of orbit."

And Enterprise left the star system.

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