Two Wanderers

by StormCloud Dragon, aka Nicole

It was a typical summer day. Yeah whatever until...

Alissa asked, "Yo, did you ever wonder what Stonehenge was used for?"

"Umm yeah, but I think I know. Can we sit down here," Sandra answered.

They sat on a log and observed their surroundings. They were in the woods near Sandra's house. Near them was a circle of stones. Sandra picked up a cool, pure black rock.

"Let me see," blurted Alissa as she grabbed it. Al examined it then threw it effortlessly into the center of the stones. Their eyes lit up as a swirling blue square rose from the ground.

"Now look what you've done" said Sandra. "Hmm...let's check it out, come on Al." Sandra reached for Al's hand.

Alissa brushed Sandra's hand away and said, "Are you nuts? What are you going to do?"

"I just wanna check it out, come on!" Sandra snapped.

Alissa pouted then follwed her. Sandra of course ran through it, clutching to Alissa'a hand.

They both fell onto the hard marble floor in Lord British's throne room. Lord British looked up at them.

"Oh, boy..." muttered Alissa.

"Hush," Sandra said.

"Well," Lord British said, "And who art thee?"

"I am Sandra and this is Alissa," Sandra quickly replied.

"Who are you, sir?" querried Alissa.

"Why I am Lord British, ruler of this fair land!" British said sounding shocked. "Where did thou come from?"

"Ummm Pennsylvania on earth," responded Alissa.

"Where are we now," asked Sandra.

Lord British frowned and stared at them for a moment. Geoffrey then said, "Why thou art in Britainia! Thou art in the city of Britian and right now you are in the castle in Lord British's throne room!" Both Alissa and Sandra just stared at him in confusion. Lord British whispered something to Geoffrey. Geoffrey then added, "Thou art no longer on earth."

Alissa fell to the ground, unconsious.

"Oh geez!" Sandra excalimed as she rolled her eyes.

"But I don't understand how thou got here!" said Lord British.

"Neither do I, but can we discuss this later. Can you please help my friend?" Sandra said.

"Of course," said Geoffrey. "Here I will carry her to one of the beds."

"Thanks," said Sandra.

Geoffrey bent over Alissa and picked her up with ease. He carried her to one of the rooms and placed her on the bed. "I wilt be right back," Geoffrey said, then disappeared for a moment. He came back with a cool, wet washcloth. He gently placed it on Alissa's forehead.

Alissa moaned a little, then she sat up, holding her head.

Geoffrey commented, "I think she wilt be fine!"

"Thank you, Geoffrey" Sandra said.

"Thou art welcome. I shall now return to his Lord's side. Thou wilt join us soon." Geoffrey said then left.

Sandra knelt by her friend's side. "You alright?" she muttered.

Alissa answered, "Yeah, I'm ok."

"Come on than," said Sandra. She helped her friend up and they walked back to the throne room.

Alissa anounced, "Sorry for the intrusion on your land. We will just return to earth now."

Lord British quickly said, "Tis not that simple, child. I'm afraid that thou art stuck here."

"What," Sandra said shocked.

"We do not even understand how thee got here!" added Geoffrey.

"Come," Lord British said. He led them into the dining hall. "We shalt sit and figure out how thee got here; while we have a bite to eat and a bit of drink." He called upon his servents who came and brought them bread and cheese. They also brought small cups of . "Geoffrey, perhaps thou should start explaining."

"As thou wishes, milord" responded Geoffrey.

"Well," Geoffrey said, "We thought the moongate from earth to here would only work if one had been here before."

Sandra said, "But we have never been here before."

"True," said LB, "That tis what we do not understand."

Alissa turned to Sandra and whispered something. "True," said Sandra outloud. "Well, milord, I have dreamed of this place though." Sandra added.

"Hmmm..." Lord British though for a moment. "Well thou art here now and thou art stuck here. How old are thee?"

"I am 14." said Sandra.

"And I am 13," replied Alissa.

"Well," said Geoffrey, "We shall take thee to a taylor after this meal. Those clothes are strange here."

Sandra and Alissa nodded. They all ate the rest of the food in silence.

"Art thee ready?" asked Geoffrey.

"Yes, we are," replied Sandra.

Geoffrey led them to Britain's taylor. A woman there greeted them at the door. She led them farther into the room then took measurements. She started sewing. As she sewed Geoffrey began to tell them things about the land. Sandra tried on her new white gown.

Alissa gasped, "You are beautiful!"

Geoffrey laughed, "Indeed thou wilt be courted by many men!"

Sandra suddenly turned to him, her eyes full of tears. "I had a boyfriend back home." She sighed. "But the rest of my life will be here. Will I really marry?"

Alissa patted her on the shoulder. She then put her new blue gown on. "It's gorgeous!" Alissa anounced.

Geoffrey smiled at her. "Woman do marry fairly young here. Usually around 16. Thee does have to adjust and the like, before thee really worries about that." He then led them back to the castle.

Lord British spoke to them as the entered the castle. "Thou art lovely! Since you have no parents here, thee may stay in my castle. I bid thee come and go as thou please."

"Thank you, milord." both Alissa and Sandra chimed.

They both entered one of the rooms with two beds. The thought of her parents completely left Sandra. She now realized they'd be searching for her, missing her. She would miss them too. It was as if that 'life' had died, though she'd never forget it. She was dazed before she never realized her physical surroundings. The castle itself was a large stone building. It was a 'typical' castle. Only more squared shape. The room she was now sitting in was basic. There were two beds opposite the door. One had green covers and the other blue. There was a small bookshelf in the left corner. There was also a wooden table with two chairs. And than there was a decorative shield hung on the wall. She turned to Alissa and thought, how was she taking this?

Alissa suddenly spoke, "I'm still in shock."

Sandra said, "I am too."

Alissa was in tears, "As nice as this place is I can't disregard home! All the people and everything I care about is there! Never to be touched or seen by me again! I know I can make new friends, but..." she trailed off. She looked around.

I hugged her. "You can't fight fate. We're in this together and I know how you feel. We'll have to move on. Besides look on the bright side, we don't have to go to school or worry about the latest trends!"

She stopped sobbing, looked at me and smiled. "I know everything will be ok. Won't it?"

"Of course," I answered.

Some one knocked on the door. A servant walked in and said, "Better prepare for supper. Here's some washing water." She put down a bowl full of water and a towel then left.

I washed my face and gently dried it. I looked in the mirror. You couldn't tell I let a tear or two go. My brown eyes glared back at me. My brown, shoulder-lengthed hair was a mess. Luckily I brought my brush with me and I fixed it. I was about average height for my age and slim. Alissa had washed and was waiting for me. We both walked out and entered the dining hall.

They sat down at the long table. I looked at Alissa who had tied back her wavy red hair. My friend's figure was actually much like my own except she was a little heavier. I noticed that there was more people at the table this time. Including a jester named Chuckles. He reminded me of a clown, so I avoided him. He constantly mentioned some game. Everyone else was friendly.

"Well, now where is the pary? Let us sit and wait," said LB.

Then some more people walked in. There was a tall slender blo nde-haired man named Shamino. An older man named Iolo. And a fairly young brown haired man named Dupre who seemed to be drunk. After them came a boy also blo nde- haired. His name was Spark. They all looked at Alissa and I curiously.

"Ahh there thee all art! Finally, now we feast. Oh, wait. Sit down Iolo, Dupre, Shamino, and Spark. These two young ladies are my new adopted daughters. This is Alissa and Sandra. They 'wandered' here from earth."

Alissa and I stood up and curtsied. We both smiled at Lord British. Imagine me a princess!

"Tis a plea sure ," said Dupre.

"Yes a real plea sure ," replied Shamino.

"Indeed! Now let's feast." said Iolo.

Spark just smiled at us and blushed.

We all sat down and ate. The biggest and best meal I ever had!

"So, where tis the Avatars?" querried Lord British.

"Last a saw him and her which twas yesterday, he and she were conversing with some dragons outside of Trinsic." responded Iolo.

"Finally he gets a hopefully plea sant permenant visit. He can do things he always enjoyed, such as harassing guards into corners with flower po ts." added Shamino.

I wondered to myself who this Avatar was. And dragons? Conversing with dragons! What a wonderful world! I don't think I'd want to leave!

Alissa as if thinking nearly the same thing muttered to me, "Of course, I think everything's going to be more than ok!" We both giggled.

"Katrina will be joining us for a visit tomorrow." said Dupre.

"Hmm...," said Lord British. He turned to us and said, "Perhaps she can show you a bit of Britain and teach thee how to sew and other things for ladies to do! Until then may thee find something to keep thee amused!"

Everyone seemed to just disappear from the table. Alissa and I exchanged glances. We agreed to get up and explore the castle. As we were leaving the dining hall which might I add was pretty plain. There was the long wooden table with lots of wooden chairs. A carpet underneath the table, and lots of decorations on the wall. Anyway we started walking down the throne room which was also pretty plain. It was a long hall with a long carpet reaching a throne. There were a few flower po ts and I never noticed the guards everywhere. Ok, as I was saying we were walking down the throne room when Spark caught up with us.

"They art speaking of things which I have interest in, but they make me feel left out. Do you mind if I join thee, miladies?"

"I do not mind. Do you Alissa?" I said.

"Of course you may join us." She said to Spark.

He smiled and we all continued walking...

After walking through the throne room, we went through a dorrway only it had no doors. We were in a small area that was outdoors. There was a fountain in the center and a few plants.

Spark suddenly turned to us and said, "Do you like horses?"

"Why, yes I do!" I replied.

Alissa responded, "Hmmm, not as much as Sandra here, but they are ok. Why do you ask?"

"Well, do you want to go riding?" Spark answered.

"I'd love that." I said.

"Well," Alissa said, "I just ate and I don't feel like it today. But you two can go!"

"Very well," I said as I sighed, "Are you sure you want to stay here? You don't mind?"

"No, no," You go ahead, "I noticed a nursery. I will go there. I love little children."

Spark smiled. He then turned to me and said, "Come on than."

I followed him to the stables. A man came out by us.

"Good morrow, Spark, and who's this lovely lady?" the man said.

"Why this is on of Lord British's new adopted daughters from earth. Her name is Sandra." replied Spark.

The man turned to me and said, "Milady, princess," He bowed.

I smiled and nodded as I curtsied.

He then said, "Well, we have a white mare named Cashmeer that milady here can ride. And Spark you can take Dallas."

"Wait a minute, milady, I beg thy pardon, but thou art not wearing the proper ladie's riding garments." he said.

"Oops!" I mumbled, "I will be right back." I left and went back to the castle. I asked LB about riding garments and he told me where to find them. It did not take me long to get them on and I was soon back at the stables.

"Ahh tis better!" the man said. Spark was already mounted. And the mare was saddled and ready.

The man helped me mount and waved. He then turned and walked away.

"Well," said Spark as we started walking. "The road to Yew is long and fairly dangerous. Let us go to nice and safe Trinsic. It is my home town." We then broke into a trot as we head south.

"This is paws," he said as we passed through a small town.

We soon entered Trinsic. It was indeed small and safe. We had dismounted at the gate. We entered the pub. I played the harpsicord and met a lot of interesting people. The time flew and it was getting dark.

"Uh-oh," said Spark, "Best be getting back, come along Sandra."

I followed him back to the gate. I was incredibly tired from dancing and such. "I can barely move," I said.

He smiled and said, "Here, thy mare can follow mine." He tied the mare to his brown horse's saddle. "If it tis ok, thou may double ride with me."

"That would be good," I said. He helped me mount then got on behind me. I could indeed barely move. I leaned back against him. He kissed my head. And I fell asleep in his arms. He walked back to the castle. Instead of waking me, he carried me to my bed. I suddenly woke up to see him smiling at me. I smiled back. I kissed him on the cheek. "Goodnight," I whispered.

"Goodnight," he whispered back.

The next morning, I woke happy and smiling. I sat up and saw Alissa getting dressed. "Good morning," I chimed.

"Morning," answered Alissa. "Hmm...sleep well?"

I rolled my eyes, "Yes. Thank you."

Alissa's eyes burned on me. "Oh come on spew it! What happened?"

Then I rembered good old Alissa. Always had to know every second of what happened to anyone. What amazed me is the fact that she stayed ehind yesterday. Most boys that I hung out with she got jealous of. She had to be the center of attention. I smiled and said, "I had a good time."

She huffed and said, "You're going to tell me more later. Hurry finished getting ready the others are already seated at the table."

Now her bossiness and idea that she was always in charge shown through. "I'll be right there." This morning I seemed to have a lot of flashbacks and such. As I continued getting ready I remembered someone whom I really loved, my sister. She was actually like a mother to me. When my parents weren't home or just weren't there she was. She and Alissa were there. Though Alissa seemed more like a sister. I didn't mind that she almost always wanted and almost always was in the spotlight.

I went to the dining hall and took my seat next to Alissa. I glanced at Lord British who smiled at me. I'm sure he'd ask me of my past, but he'd hesitate for a while, trying not upset me.

I then exited the castle and went to the stables. I wanted to visit Cashmeer. I petted her and then went to the other side of the castle. I grabbed and apple from on eof the many apple trees in the grove. I started to walk back and I noticed little children playing tag. There was a tiny stage set-up where it looked like some kind of puppet show would take place. I child ran around me and hid behind me. Another child was running after her. I turned and picked the firt child up. I picked her up high and said to the other child, "Ha now you can't catch her."

"No fair," was the other child's answer. He then ran after some other kid.

The little gi rl in my arms said, "Thanks, my name is Keranna."

"I am Sandra," I replied. I then put her down and sat down. She looked at me and smiled.

"The show's about to begin," said a man from behind the stage. The little gi rl sat in my lap. Alissa plopped down next to me suddenly and I flinched.

"Hi!" she said.

I rolled my eyes, "Hi." Spark sat down on my other side. I turned to him and smiled.

He waved and smiled back.

After the puppet show, Keranna ran off and I decided to do the same. I walked back to the castle wear I got changed into riding garments. I then went to the stables where a fairly young boy helped me saddle up Cashmeer. I mounted and trotted off. This morning's flashbacks continued to taunt me and I wanted to be alone. I remembered Spark saying the road to Yew was dangerous and long and I didn't know where the other road went, so I decided to go beyond Trinsic.

I trotted through Britian, I didn't want to attract too much attention, but wanted to get out of there quickly, before Alissa or even Spark caught up. I went through Paws and came to the swamp about half-way through an alligator stepped out. Cashmeer reared, but I clung to her. I didn't know what to do. And I didn't have the strength to scream. Cashmeer kicked it and galloped off, but I didn't; I fell there on the ground. The alligator half stunned came after me. It grabbed the bottom of my dress and even a little of the skin on my leg and ripped. I looked for something, anything to fight with or something. Finally I grabbed a rock before his second bite. I flung it at his head with all my might. He paused for a moment. I gasped.

And then with all my luck, something flew at the alligator. And a sword kept hitting him till he retreated back into the swamp. I turned saw a woman. She said, "Greetings, I am Katrina." She held out her hand. I leaned heavily on her, but stood up.

"I am Sandra," I finally replied. What a great way to meet someone I thought.

"Hmmm, that horse carried the emblem of Lord British's castle. Where did thou get it?" asked Katrina.

"Well, actually I got her from the royal stables. I am one of Lord british's new adopted daughters." I answered.

"Oh? Well we best retrieve her, I will escort thee back to the castle then we will come back with men to find her." said Katrina, "Come." I followed her back through Britain and into the castle.

Lord British grinned and said, "Ah so Katrina you have arrived safley and with my daughter hmm. How fare thee Katrina?"

"I am well, thank you milord." She bowed and smiled at me. I blushed. Before either of us could say anything LB encouraged everyone to the table. We all sat in our usual seats at the table.

Dupre spoke up, "So how did thine dress get ruffed at the bottom Lady Sandra?"

"Well, actually I am grateful that only the dress was slightly battered. An alligator attacked me in the swamp on the way to Trinsic when Katrina saved me though Cashmeer took off." I explained. As I finished I turned to see Spark staring at me his eyes wide. He sat down.

Lord British raised an eyebrow at Katrina. "So I owe thee another life ay, Katrina?"

She smiled. "I suppose so milord. Milord, perhaps thou should send some men after supper for the mare. She is quite tamed and can be returned." LB nodded. Just then another woman walked in. Everyone stood up and stared at her. I stood as did Alissa.

The woman said, "Greetings all, please sit, for I am not a Lord or Lady."

"No," said Lord British, "you are above them."

The woman looked at LB and smiled, "Humility milord"

Everyone smiled and laughed slightly. I however was lost.

"I see two new seats filled at our table. Who art the ladies?" querried the woman.

Lord Britsh looked up. "Well milady, Avatar, these are my new adopted daughters from our home, earth." responded Lord British.

The Avatar's eyes sparkled as she looked at me and Alissa, about to say something. Instead she just smiled and appeared lost in thoughts.

"Well," Lb said, "that was a good meal, I would like a word with the Avatar and her companions everyone else is excused."

Alissa and I walked out of the dining hall and went to our room. "Good one loosing one of the horses." Alissa smirked.

"Oh quite you, they'll get her back." I snapped. Suddenly a knock. I swung the door open to see Spark's eyes looking back at me. "Hi," I beamed.

"Hello," he responded. "I am worried, because Lord British seemed worried. Something is wrong. I stood speechless and motionless. "Wilt thou join me for a stroll?"

I nodded. "I will meet you and the bridge in a few minutes, ok?"

He smiled and left. I shut the door behind him. Alissa was giving me and odd look.
I glanced at her and then picked a note off the table that read: We now had thinemeasurements, so more clothes were made for thee, Sandra's are on top, Alissa's on the bottom. I picked out a plain blue dress and put it on. I pulled my hair up in a claw and left for the bridge.

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