You know you're a member of the UDIC when...

--StormCloud Dragon, aka Nicole

Just a silly thing, I'd thought I'd make one for us Dragons.

You're sitting peacefully at your computer into an Ultima game or even on the MOO. Someone walks in and says hi. You scream, turn around, and threaten them.

You constantly call people "milord or milady"

You always say thou and thee instead of you. Thine instead of your, etc...

In public, people no longer look at you odd when you say "I must've gotten kil led 20 times the other day."

You usually get about 4 hours of sleep a night. 
And you usually sleep between 6 am. and 10 am.

When you're with your friends, you constantly make sure they're well fed, you don't want them whining and passing out later.

You constantly hum, Britain's national anthem. (Or other Ultima songs)

You're convinced that dragons are in hiding. 

You're mad, cause you can't get to Stonehenge.

You'd rather travel by ship than air.

You can't wait to get home, so you can play Ultima or go on the MOO.

When you can't afford a hotel room, you go outside and use your bedroll.

You ask people Name? Job? then say Bye.

You constantly re-organize your inventory and carry everything in a backpack.

You search through drawers and chests of every house you pass by.

You make friends with everyone.

You walk around with a weapon drawn.

You have a primal ha te of muppets.

You take everybody's keys.

You avoid people who offer to play a game.

People constantly answer you, "I know not of what you speak."

You look for people to train you.

You try talking to old monuments.

After talking to everyone and exploring, you roam the countryside.

You wonder through mines, taking gold nuggets and blackrock.

When you get bored, you harass people into corners with flower po ts. Or you put cannons on whimpy ships.

You ha te jumping.

You are in constant fear that your next adventure will really su ck.

You collect garlic!

When in a tricky situation, you feel the need to save your spot so you can try again afterwards.

When writing, you find yourself writing in Britannian runes.

At dinner, you're careful not to touch anyone else's fork.

When you want someone to wake-up, you look for oragne ion or keep casting explosion around the room.

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*I'd like to give some credit to "Infinitron" or Tovi. He gave me a lot of these and the MOO ideas. By the way my name is Nicole (StormCloud Dragon).

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