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The winning skit from the Ultima Dragon's 25th Anniversary Bash, "The Compleat Wrks of Ultma (Abridged)", has been added below!

NEWS, March 15th 2008:   Announcing the revamp of Ultima Legacy, a free roleplaying UO shard! After about 8 years of play, it is finally making the transition from Sphere to RunUO. It is also going to have a a brand new Serpent Isle map for its players. Development is going well, with Ultima fanatics working on art, plot, music and scripts, but the shard needs help in the C# scripting department. If you can assist, or would just like to play when the server goes live, please drop in and say so!

One new fanfic, "Serpent Isle: Snippets of Elora's Journey" which Shadow of Light Dragon originally wrote last year and you may have read if you frequent FanFiction.Net. Check it out below!

Finally, the Ultima 7 comic fanfictions by Damien Barban have gone missing. If anyone knows where they are currently hosted, please let me know.

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Ultima is a game with a rich tapestry of history and characters. This makes it ideal for writing fanfiction. This page has links to all the Ultima fanfiction on the Web that I know about, and provides a repository for those who do not have web sites of their own. Most, if not all, of the writers of these stories are Ultima Dragons, if you are a fan of Ultima then you should check the club out.

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As a gesture of respect to the first proprietor of Dragon Press, Andrew Charlton's fanfiction will appear first. All other fanfictions will appear in alphabetical order of author.

Ultima: The Mourning City
A story starring the Avatar, and set between Ultima Underworld 2, and Serpent Isle. Strange things are afoot in the north of Britannia, but despite Lord British's best attempts at scrying the area, he can see nothing. He sends the Avatar to investigate.

--Erratic Dragon aka Erraticus aka Andrew Charlton
Ultima Limericks
A limerick is a five line poem with a specific structure (AABBA), they are usually funny. Just follow the link to check some out.

(By Various Ultima Fans)
I've noticed that there wasn't much of the fiction related to the magnificent Ultima 8. I hope to fill this searing gap with my epic story of courage, passion, empty stomachs and extreme silliness. Featuring heaps of familiar characters and places, it's laced with humour, product placement and subtle references to modern pop culture and that masterpiece of the silly fanfics that inspired me in the first place - Captain Huggies! I also must thank my brother Nicoli and my sister Olga for giving me lots of silly but often useful suggestions.

--Great Siberian Dragon aka Daria Angelova
New Year's Night in Britannia
I was inspired to write this poem after I read many parodies on the 'Christmas Eve' theme. Except I guess there can be no Christmas in Britannia, so I changed it to 'New Year's Night' instead. Enjoy!

--Great Siberian Dragon aka Daria Angelova
Great Siberian Cousins: [1] [2]
An ongoing plot thread started by me and Bubbac II Dragon, with contributions from Obtuse Dragon. With a full cast of dragons, cats, spirits, evil henchmen and one very special flute, :)

--Great Siberian Dragon aka Daria Angelova
Avatar's Pagan Journal
An Ultima 8 Parody. Be warned that if you haven't played U8 this contains spoilers.

--Great Siberian Dragon aka Daria Angelova
Ultima 7 Comic: The Black Gate **Link Defunct**
This is a graphical interpretation of Ultima 7, in full colour comic style. It's currently available in both French and English.

--Damien Barban
Ultima 7 Comic: Serpent Isle **Link Defunct**
This is an ongoing graphical interpretation of Ultima 7 Part II, in full colour comic style. It's currently available in both French and English.

--Damien Barban
Captain Huggies: [Intro][Middle][Epilogue]
From the dwagon who brought you such classics as "What If Wayne Campbell Was the Avatar?" comes a delightful satire of the Avatar and all things Ultima. Superbly drawn, the characters of the Avatar and Shamino (as Captain Huggies) become luminously alive, offering a glimpse into the author's twisted mind and displaying the full maturity of her literary power. OK, maybe not. But the story has got Dragons, Cinnabons, the Wet Noodle of Death, Richie Bears, Slurpees, and Spam, so read it!!!!!

--Skyblade Dragon aka Melissa Barlow
The Jester Is Out
Just your basic, silly Dwagon-ish tale of how Blitz Dragon managed to ruin Rainbow's perfect day. It's loaded with inside jokes that most of you won't understand; this is what happens when you're bored at work.

--Rainbow Dragon aka Dave Behr
This piece of writing describes the time after the Avatar has liberated Castle British from its blackrock prison in Ultima Underworld II, Labyrinth of Worlds. The timeline coincides with the games. I have six months before we're shipped off to Serpent Isle, remember? And something happened in that time span, right? Or, at least something happened right after the blackrock prison crumbled to the ground. This something?

--BloodyCats Dragon
The Formation of Britannia
A historical account of the time between the destruction of Exodus and the Quest of the Avatar, during which Lord British struggles against the grandson of his old rival, The Lost King, which ultimately ends with the unification of the vast realm under the flag of Britannia, but not without a terrible price.

--Duodecimal Dragon aka Anthony Bongiovanni
The Moonrift (text)
A new Moongate has been discovered over the island of Buccaneers Den. It leads to a neighbour realm of mystery and magic known as Razainshazzara... The Throne of Ether. This place is the focal point of all the Ether that fuels what we call magic, and evil forces seek to conquest it. The Ancients have sealed all known paths into the realm millinium ago, and the realm was safe until a Daemon, servant of the Seararchs, discovered the Moonrift (a Moongate that occurs naturally and appears normally as a jagged rift hanging in the air) from Britannia to Razainshazzara.

--Chandar Dragon aka D. Chad Brotherton.
The Compleat Wrks of Ultma (Abridged) (annotated version)
The winning skit from the Ultima Dragon's 25th Anniversary Bash contest. Performed once at the Bash, and now presented here for your enjoyment and edification.

--Goldenflame Dragon, aka Adam Burr
Ultima: Tapestries
The tale of what happened in Britannia while the Avatar was trapped in Pagan. Tells of the Companions' return, and the Guardian's conquest. Meant to be Part 1 of 3, but the other parts are unlikely to be written at this point.

--Goldenflame Dragon, aka Adam Burr
The Guardian: Ascension
The story of the Guardian... and his master. Takes place before and during the previous story.

--Goldenflame Dragon, aka Adam Burr
Birth of a Dragon
This is just a little something to get me warmed up...sort of to commemorate my becoming an Ultima Dragon (it's the highlight of the year for me to become part of a group of Ultima freaks :) ). It's quite short, but please tell me what you think. There'll be more to follow...

--Shadow of Light Dragon aka Laura Campbell
The Dark Realm: [1][2][3][Epilogue]
The shattered remnants of the Black Gate spilled across the floor and vanished into nothingness accompannied by a satisfying scream of rage from the Guardian. We'd won. Britannia was safe once more. Guess again. My work as the Avatar is never done. I should have been spending my free time trying to find a way home, but the Guardian had other plans.
And I was at the centre of them.

--Shadow of Light Dragon aka Laura Campbell
The Black Ankh: [Prologue][1][int][2][int][3][int][4][int][5][int][6][int][7][Epilogue]  
Having just liberated Castle Britannia and all within from the Guardian's Blackrock prison-dome, again I felt that a little rest wouldn't be too much to ask for. Solving a Labyrinth of Worlds wasn't something I did every day, after all. The Guardian just laughed silently. He wasn't done with me yet... (The Black Ankh immediately follows Ultima Underworld II and is the sequel to The Dark Realm.)

--Shadow of Light Dragon aka Laura Campbell
Blackthorn's Inquisition
This is a brief fan fiction set in the time of Ultima V. It's based on the capture of the Avatar and her companions in Blackthorn's fortress and told from the perspective of one of the guards... the warrior Gertan.

--Shadow of Light Dragon aka Laura Campbell
Serpent Isle: Snippets of Elora's Journey **NEW! March 15th**
When all's said and done, I think the Avatar had a pretty hard time in Serpent Isle. Certain events from the point of view of Elora, my own Avatar. Contains Serpent Isle spoilers.

--Shadow of Light Dragon aka Laura Campbell
A Destiny's Tale
This story is an historical essay regarding the entire Ultima series focusing on the involvement of the Time Lord throughout the ages notably in regard to the Avatar... and the Guardian.

--Sergorn Dragon aka Marc Charlot
Return to the Serpent Isle
It has been five years since the events of Ultima IX, and Shamino decide to set up an expedition to the Serpent Isle, intending to find out what has happened to his former land since he departed it after the events of Serpent Isle. But the journey will not be an easy one... and for the two young members of his expedition, it might just be the time to find out what they are trully made of...

--Sergorn Dragon aka Marc Charlot
Return to Britannia
Balance has been restored, but the Avatar has myteriously vanished from the Temple of Balance, and the companions find themselves stranded on the Serpent Isle. How are they going to return to Britannia? And even more importantly: what happened to the Avatar? (Note: While it can be read independently from it, this story is tied to 'Return to the Serpent Isle')

--Sergorn Dragon aka Marc Charlot
A Boring Story
The Avatar has left for the Serpent Isle with his/her three companions on a quest to pursue the evil Batlin and rescue Iolo's missing wife Gwenno. Unfortunately, the Avatar is unaware of the cataclysmic events that is about to befall the multiverse... SwiftHeart Rabbit has apparently gone mad and he plans to destroy the Ultima Dragons. Now his master, SwiftHeart Dragon, along with his two good friends, Rainbow and Underworld, embark on a quest to stop him.

--SwiftHeart Dragon aka Aubrey Chen
Pulp Avatar Fiction
You've seen Pulp Fiction, you've played Ultima. Now the best of both worlds have been combined into one in the major epic Pulp Avatar Fiction.

--Blackthorn Dragon aka David Clarke
Reservoir Companions
They were four hired companions assembled to attempt a virtuous undertaking. Then when their plans go awry in a bloody ambush, these hapless companions realize that one of them is a goblin spy. But which one?

--Blackthorn Dragon aka David Clarke
The Creation
This is something I wrote quite a while ago. In December of '96 I believe. It's a spoof off of: "How God created Earth and the Heavens with Linux." Run through it, most people don't believe it's blasphemous. =)

--Draconi Dragon aka Tim Cotten

Tale of the Mystics
This story covers what happened to the Mystic weapons and armour. Set between the end of Ultima 5 and after the end of Ultima 6, this tale is all about the Mystics and the one who harnessed their power.

--Dino the Dark Dragon aka Daniel D'Agostino
The Return
"The Return" is about the call to battle that separated a family, which later returned together.

--Dino the Dark Dragon aka Daniel D'Agostino
The World of Pain
A single morning in the life of the Avatar -- a kind of morning that you usually do not read about in the chronicles. You get to glimpse into the dark, tormented side of Avatar's soul -- his deeds come back to haunt him... It happened during Avatar's quest to prevent the Guardian from entering Britannia, but it could have happened any time. Take heed!

--Daermonestroer Dragon aka Victor A. Danilchenko
The Collector's Tale
This is a short monologue about the Collector, who appeared in A New Age Of Darkness and Strangers; it acts as a story between the two tales (both of which should be read first for the background) and will be part of the character development arc of Dracos and Kol-qu-han in A New Age Of Darkness 2 when it begins.

--by Dracos Dragon
The Mage's Quest
This is based on the game Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle by Origin Systems Inc. It starts out sometime between the fall of Exodus and the Quest of the Avatar, and tells all about how the mage Erstam led a group of outcasts to a new world.

--Andros Dragon aka Chris Edwards
Mixed Virtues
Blackthorn arranges a trap for the avatar; Riana learns a deadly prophecy; Lord British realizes he’s made a grave error. Writer’s note: After much soul-wrestling I’ve decided to make the avatar...a male! However, in the interest of gender balance and making some plotlines um...slightly easier, I’ve added a new female character-Riana, Iolo’s daughter, replacing the long-retired adventurer as the newest companion of the avatar (it also, coincidently, makes the plotline more unpredictable from the game!). This story takes place right after Ultima 5 and the capture of Blackthorn. One thing not told in the story is that Blackthorn destroys the moongates right before his defeat, trapping the avatar in Britannia. Disclaimer: This is purely for fun and not profit.

U9: Dissention
The story as it stands is...
A parody poking fun at the quirks and continuity of the later Ultima games, a "what-if" alternative history, based on the premise that the Avatar drowned on Pagan, my own little romp through Britannia, a loud, wet raspberry in the direction of Origin and Electronic Arts, a not-quite-but-almost completely serious look at what could have been done with the established world of Britannia, me thinking of silly stuff to write down.

--Joshua Fair aka Jhykron
A Moody Piece
I wrote this a long time ago, immensely frustrated by not being able to keep Mortegro alive after he joined.

--Dalmar Dragon aka Z.P. Florian
Mac A Tattoo
A Captain-Huggies-inspired piece of inspired lunacy...

--Atticus Dragon aka Addison Godel
Part of This Complete Breakfast
The sort-of-sequel to Mac A Tattoo; a serial story, presumably ongoing for a longish period of time, it satires Dragonly events in the middle of its marvellously odd plot. Think of it as the UDIC's Doonesbury.

--Atticus Dragon aka Addison Godel
Not An Icicle
Not An Icicle was written because I was bored a long time after finishing POTCB. The ending is even more unsatisfactory than POTCB's, but it's here for completeness's sake. Early 1997.

--Atticus Dragon aka Addison Godel
I was toying with the idea of writing more based on the other virtues to make 8 stories in all, a sort of 'Tales of Britannia', but I got busy. Real busy. Most of the charactes in this story are an invention of my own. It was written sometime in February [1996] because I was experimenting with alternative characterisation in an established world. (Making up my own people, but using someone elses map, so to speak)

--Ianzu Dragon aka Hawkeye
An Interlude: Helgraf's Tale
Helgraf's condition was uncertain after the Prophecy of the Strangers was completed. This tale continues his story in his own realm. The Tale was completed on the 17th of October 2000.

--Helgraf Dragon
The Tale of Captain Johne
It is the Age of Enlightenment for Britannia. The dungeons have been sealed, the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom has been raised from the Abyss, and evil has been spurned from the land. But on the eve of a summer solstice, disaster strikes the frigate of Captain Johne, and he and his companions find themselves entrapped in the Underworld. It is an event far more cataclysmic than the Captain can imagine, for his imprisonment marks the beginning of his tragic destiny, and the dawn of a new age of darkness. . .

--A New Breed of Dragon aka Michael D.Hillborn
The Fall of Lord Blackthorn
The official backstory for the Ultima V: Lazarus remake.

--A New Breed of Dragon aka Michael D.Hillborn
The Decision
The Decision is a short story set in the world of Britannia in which the Avatar and the Guardian meet face to face and comment on the changes Ultima IX has gone through in the last two years.

--Caleb M. Hoffman
Ultima Stinx
An extremely ridiculous parody of Ultima 6. (It really helps if you view the intro while reading the first part) You'll either love it or hate it.

--Democh Dragon aka Donald Holten
The Chronicles of Lord British (Also, Suomeksi)
Chronicles of Lord British tells the story behind the mysterious Lord British. Is he Good or is he Evil, or something in between? As the story unfolds you will realize that things are much more complicated and hideous than meets the eye; Who is Guardian whom torments Britannia? Who are the mysterious Great Old Ones? Is there a God? Is Armageddon near? What is the meaning of life? This and more will be uncovered! In Finland the Chronicles span already over 30 chapters, over 300 kb's of text! And the effect to the people has been incredible: many religious Britishist Extremist Sects have been formed and Chronicles of Lord British merchandise sells like peanuts. So prepare for the Ultimate High Adventure and Road Movie: The Chronicles of Lord British!

--S. Autio ja T. Honkala
Ultima VII: The Return
This is a story a wrote over a course of two days. I had just finished playing Serpent Isle for the sixth time, and had always wondered what happened to the Companions. I hope you and all your guests enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

--Houston Dragon aka John Hosie
Curse of the Avatar
A view of Pagan, following the events chronicled in Ultima VIII, told by Devon, Tempest of Tenebrae.

--Houston Dragon aka John Hosie
Climax of Pagan
Just to make you drool more over the possiblities that Ascension may hold........

--Orm-Embar aka Patrick Howell
The Tale of Hunter Dragon
This is a multi chapter story in progress using midi-format live update music that can be found on the dragon main pages. Each chapter is set to a different piece of music based on the mood of the story. The story takes place during the time period of Ultima 7, and revolves around the Guardian's threat to Britannia and the efforts of a small group of Dragons to aid in stopping him as well as saving the life of one Dragon's adopted human daughter. (Finally after many months, even years, of looking for these stories it was recovered. Thank You to everyone.)

--Hunter Dragon aka Derek R. Huff
The Tale of Mecandes
The story of a swashbuckling bard's tragic past in a journey which takes him from Skara Brae to Jhelom and beyond. This story addresses his discovery of the new "magical" properties of the bard's music, and thus leads us into Ultima Online: Shattered Legacy.

--Mecandes Dragon aka Rob Huston
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Void
This is obviously a parody of that most remarkable book. The story begins a year after Ultima IX when the Avatar shortly encounters a foe capable of destroying the entire Void. There are currently two episodes in perhaps a 5 episode "trilogy". Hope you enjoy them...

--Detherk Dragon aka Wyatt R Johnson
The Tale of the Magebane
You've used the Magebane to save Britannia and Serpent Isle, but do you know how this mystic blade came to be? Before the times of the Guardian, the Magebane was created for a terrible purpose by a man driven by vengeance. But even creating the blade cost him more than he would have dreamed, and only brought the same fate upon him and his kin...

--Soleil Dragon aka Kaliph
The Dagger of the Mind
A grim tale which features parts from Ultima 7: The Black Gate but mainly set in Britannia during the end of Ultima 7 Part Two: Serpent Isle, this story tells of an assault of the Guardian on Castle British, featuring Sentri, Gorn and Tseramed, and a powerful artifact of terrible power. E-mail me with your comments.

--The Amazing Dragon aka Stuart Kerrigan
The Aftermath of Ultima VIII Pagan: The Lost Vale
Ever wonder what happened to the Pagans after Ultima VIII? This story tries to answer those questions as a group of Pagans mount an expedition which takes them into the Lost Vale, home to unique dangers and characters not found anywhere else in Pagan.

--The Amazing Dragon aka Stuart Kerrigan
The True Tale of Batlin
At last the true tale of the villain Batlin is told, starting from his shady past, and going on past his days exploring Britannia, and when he first met the Guardian, and finishes with the formation of the Fellowship.

--Alagner the Seer originally, but adapted by the Amazing Dragon aka Stuart Kerrigan
The Meeting of Two Worlds
Have you ever thought of the possibilities of King Arthur Pendragon, Merlin, and other Arthurian characters being transported to Britannia? Think about it- Lord British and King Arthur, The Avatar and Sir Lancelot, Nystul and Merlin! Interested? Then read the prologue of this projected story where the Avatar is faced with a new challenge- getting someone other than himself home...

--Chlorthos Dragon aka Steve McCrary
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Ultima World
The crews members of Enterprise found star system where Britannia does exist. They found strange energy from two moons to the planet. They planned to send the away-team to examine energy on the planet, but something else happened...

--Robert McQuistion
An Ultima/Doctor Who Crossover Drabble
An extremely short Ultima/Doctor Who crossover fic.

--Stuart Sslaxx Moore
The Fearsome Passage
'Twas a fearsome passage, Avatar!' moaned Iolo.
It certainly was, and this fic details the horrors and tribulations suffered by the Avatar and his sla...Companions during the journey to the Serpent Isle.
It suggests reasons as to why the Avatar found loads of cool stuff in UW2 yet turned up in the Serpent Isle with very little in the way of decent weapons and armour. And why does he only take 3 companions with him? And what evil schemes are being hatched in Britannia in his absence? And just read it. Please. Someone.
WARNING: This story includes scenes of incredibly intense illiteration and bad puns.

--Tailrace Dragon aka Ewan Munro
Two Wanderers
I noticed that alot of the stories on here are either dramatic or comical. Mine is both or will be when I'm finished. Anyways it's about two people (They are modern teenagers!) who end up in Britannia. It's about their first coming there, then they realize they're stuck there. And it tells of their new life and adventures in Britannia. It involves all the characters and your average Britannian. Enjoy!!

--StormCloud Dragon, aka Nicole
You Know You're a Member of the UDIC When...
It's like one those things. Have you ever heard of them? You know you're a *whatever* when...and it gives a lot of inside joke type things that the group usually does. Just read it. You'll probably find it funny. I'm also looking for suggestions. Just tell me other things that you do as a dragon, e-mail me!

--StormCloud Dragon, aka Nicole
The Avatar's Redemption
I made this one and it is about the proper story about what happened in the Black Gate.Its not suposed to be funny I did make a bad attempt at it near the start :). Since its my first I'll understand if people think its crap. ;) try not to!

--Frostreaver Dragon aka Keith O' Brien
Passing of Lord British
Lord British's end, post-Ascension.

--Odorous Rex
Another Interlude: The Tale of St George's Dragon
More connections to the fate of Helgraf, and what came thereafter in Britannia.

--St George's Dragon, aka Allan Olley
Ultima 0: Origins
"Zog" tells the tale of the final moments of Zog, the earliest known inhabitant of Sosaria. Very little is known about Zog, as the Wisps only mention him in passing and his bones tell no tales. This story breathes life into an otherwise faceless character,offering a fleeting glimpse of his difficult choice to bring about the end of an entire world. This story is Chapter One of "Ultima 0: Origins", a work in progress that describes the early history of Sosaria and the introduction of Ultima's main characters.

--Wayfarer Dragon, aka Treesong, aka Justin "The Avatar" O'Neill
Servant of the Flame
A very brief story about the birth of a daemon in service to Pyros, the Titan of Fire, and his first struggle for survival against others of his own kind.

--Christian Orlowski aka BlueClaw
Fallen Legacy
In the months following the tragic death of Sir Cabirus, the Colony of the Abyss has plunged into civil war and strife. The chasm is has once again become inhospitable for the Virtuous, as the races struggle over the shattered remnants of Cabirus's dreams, fighting in the rage of their resurfaced enmity. It is in this swirling turmoil of extreme prejudice that Knight Vitalar of the Order Crux Ansata must fight to overcome his own doubts over the wisdom of Cabirus's dream and restore his faith in the righteousness of the Virtues. With his very world collapsing around him, Vitalar must face the mad mage Tyball and put an end to his diabolical machinations.

--Christian Orlowski aka BlueClaw
Madman's Rage
What if the mage madness had afflicted the Avatar before he destroyed the tetrahedron generator? How would he have handled his investigation of the Fellowship? This fan fiction endeavours to tell the story of the Avatar, mind warped by the disruptions in the Ether, plagued by the beginnings of the mage madness, as he struggles to stop the foul machinations of the Fellowship and its patron Guardian. But how can a madman possibly stand a chance of stopping an organization as powerful and influential as the Fellowship, disadvantaged by his sickness as he is? The cruel and drastic measures that he takes soon reveal to his comrades that his methods are little better than the Fellowship's in dealing with his opponents, and time is running out for the Companions to stop the maniacal Avatar from carrying out his genocidal plans to fruition.

--Christian Orlowski aka BlueClaw
The Journalist and the Sea
Jimmy Malone, former companion of the Avatar from the perilous Valley of Eodon and ace reporter for Ultimate Adventure Magazines, has struck on hard times. It has been three years since his adventure in Eodon, long enough for his fame and fortune over the scoop of the century to fade out of public interest almost entirely. Yet the days will only grow harder for Jimmy when a freak accident involving corporate agents bent on objectives of avarice and a certain corrupt moonstone teleport him to Britannia. For soon after he comes into the possession of a mysterious amulet that a band of pirates, led by the notoriously truculent Silverbeard, will stoop to any lengths to steal. Burdened with the corrupt moonstone and the amulet, pursued by both corporate agents and bloodthirsty pirates, Jimmy must survive to enlist the aid of the Avatar's Companions and find a way home. But it quickly becomes apparent that more than just greedy men are after the items that he possesses, as he delves deeper into an unpleasant myriad of conflicting agendas and desires, the implications of which could very well have dire repercussions for all three worlds of Britannia, Eodon, and Earth.

--Christian Orlowski aka BlueClaw
Dead Ends  
The Avatar adjusts to being stuck in Britannia, one month at a time.

The Avatar in the Hat
I wrote this after a bad day. I have to give some credit to my brother, who gave me the idea, and my sick sense of humor. Enjoy!

--Paladia Dragon
Ultima on Strike
What if the Companions have had it with the stupid things we make them do in our stories? And what if they go on strike against the dumb story writers of the UDIC? And what if all this was a story? Quit trying to answer the questions and just read it!

--Paladia Dragon
Shamino: Warrior Princess
In the time of ancient gods, warlords, and kings, a land in turmoil cried out for a hero. He was Shamino, a not-so-mighty princess forged in the heat of battle. The power, the passion, the danger, his courage will change the world! Well, maybe not. Based on the ever-popular Captain Huggies comes Shamino: Warrior Princess!

--Paladia Dragon
And Never To Be Reclaimed
Its set twenty five years after Serpent Isle on Britannia, which has been conquered by the Guardian. I actually wrote it mainly out of protest because I feel Ultima 9's plot sucks. :-) If enough people like this story, I'll probably write "my" Ultima9, with a different plot. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this and I'm curious to what people think of it. (admittedly, though, I do believe it drags on in a few places).

--Miscellaneous Ultima Fan aka William Peters
A Night in the Life
Caught up in the questions in his head, the Avatar takes a rest and decides to dream. The visions flashing through his head take form, and he sees what is happening elsewhere...that there is more to the land than just a 'hero's' quest...on the threshold of greatness are so many others, and on the simple loneliness are yet more.

--CosmicPhoenix Dragon aka Phoenix
All I Ever Wanted
Ultima, the tale of the False Prophet, was much more important than some would believe. In fact, there is a reason why Brittania seems to change so incredibly between Ultima trilogies. Not only does this explain that, but it also delves into the true people of Brittania...and includes commentary on sudden acquiral of harpsichord skills.

--CosmicPhoenix Dragon aka Phoenix
The Shadow Within
When an ancient evil threatens to destroy her world, Aryn must seek help -from a place known as Britannia...
This is my first attempt at writing an Ultima fanfic, so I hope it's not too bad:) I'm going to explain(eventually) things such as the secrets of the universe, the creation of Britannia, the origins of blackrock, the fate of other worlds, and...I'll stop stalling and let you people read for yourselves:)

--FlameBlight Dragon aka Jasmyne Poste
Ultima: Core of Darkness
I wrote Core of Darkness in 1993 pretty much as a way to poke at the egos of a bunch of Prodigy Dragons -- all good-natured, of course, and all the dragons I poked at were ones I liked a lot and thought would appreciate being immortalized. It was originally going to be a lot longer than it is now, and a lot more consistent, but... I got kinda rushed towards the end. Anyway, it seems pretty kewl now, and I've had a lot of fan mail about it, so... I guess it's about time to actually get serious work done on the sequel I've promised all these years.

--Monomolecular Dragon aka Barry Ramirez
This story is the basis for a MOO (Mud Object Oriented), called the Weyrmount MOO at moo.weyrmount.org port 8000.
A New Age of Darkness
This is the tale of a group of adventures, united by chance, who take it upon themselves to save Britannia from the renewed menace of the Shadowlords, and the mysterious entity behind their release. This tale was initiated by Lumina Dragon of the UDIC. It began on the 9th of October 1998, and ran for months before being completed.

--RGCUD Plot Thread, compiled by Paulon Dragon.
This is a sequel to A New Age of Darkness, the tale of the quest to learn more of the mysterious Adversary who caused so much difficulty for the Adventurers in the prior Thread. This story was begun by Destrius Dragon of the UDIC. This Tale is seemingly complete as you read this text, and the most recent (and final) Update occurred upon the 10th of April 2000.

--RGCUD Plot Thread, compiled by Paulon Dragon.
Prophecy: A New Age of Darkness II
The Tale Continues, as the Wisps gather those who took part in the prior events together again. The Tale began on the 6th of December 2000, and was last updated on the 25th of January 2002.

--RGCUD Plot Thread, compiled by Paulon Dragon.
Avatar in Charge
Somewhere, along another time line, the Avatar tires of the hero biz and chooses a much different occupation: FAMILY LIFE. He marries Nastassia, the keeper of the Shrine of Compassion and jerky chef extraordinare. They eventually habe three children: Billy, Judy, and Josh. A typical family vacation to BuccaneerLand leads to a strange and extrordinary quest of finding their luggage...what will happen? I don't even know, cause I haven't written it yet...

--Shodan Dragon aka George Shannon
Ankalwis: [1] [2]
Deep within the bowels of the earth, within the immense Underworld, the cold silence is about to be broken as a tribe of underworld Dragons, the Sept, discovers the possibility of the existence of another world: the world above, held within the grip of the puppet Blackthorn, his stings pulled taught by the evil Shadowlords. A young Dragon is thrust into it, into a jouney of discovery, not only of a strange new land, but of his own mind...

--Shodan Dragon aka George Shannon
The Dark Crucible: [1][2] (text)
This is basically a multi-layered fic with a ton of crossovers, and I must admit, it isn't Ultima-based. However, the Avatar *will* play a major role in the story, and is one of the main protagonists. This said, I think this qualifies this fic as an Ultima Fanfic.

--Demon Sword
This is a story set right before the beginning of Ultima 7, Part 2: Serpent Isle, about two dragons and a quest to save the honor and integrity of the dragons, and the weyrmount, while saving Britannia from a growing evil that only the dragons know of, and that only the dragons can defeat. The Avatar & friends have a brief part before departing to the Serpent Isle.

--Bones Dragon aka Ed T. Toton III
The past can be a dangerous thing; especially when you can't remember the whole story. My first venture into Ultima Prime fiction with an intent to follow up.

--Tarra Dragon
Ultima, The Next Generation
A wild and wacky cross between Ultima, Star Trek the Next Generation, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Warning - EXTREMELY silly!!!

--Bones Dragon aka Ed T. Toton III
Saying Goodbye
A piece that takes place on Serpent Isle, featuring the Xenkan monks.

--Opera Dragon aka Brad Venable
The Ultimatum Chronicles
It's basically my rendition - one more "correct" - of what happened during the Ultima 1 era, put together by bits and pieces from around the Ultima series. Each and every fact in there has a basis, except the Dragons scene.

--Canuck Dragon
A Folded Universe

--Aaron Wellington
Loose Strings
A number of weeks ago a thread on r.g.c.u-d was discussing whatever happened to Iolo, Gwenno, Shamino etc. on Serpent Isle. I contributed with a farsical playlet suggesting one possible outcome; to this Lumina Dragon added and refined my work.

--"ME!" aka The Avatar and Lumina Dragon aka Kenneth Edward Whitten
The Path Not Taken...
Have you ever wondered what would have happened had the Avatar walked through the Black gate at the end of Ultima VII? Well, this story describes what might have occured had this actually happened. Lumina Dragon hereby presents, "The Path Not Taken...", story of what might have been.

-- Lumina Dragon, aka Kenneth Whitten
Meet Mack. Mack is a farmer. Mack likes to farm things. Mack also has a hoe he calls The Hoe of Destruction. See Mack and The Hoe of Destruction find a new dinner mate.

--Wtcher Dragon


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